Attend Governance Council and/or Parent Connect Meetings
Parent Connect meetings are every first Tuesday at 5:00pm
Governance Council meetings are every second Tuesday at 3:45 pm

Strategic Planning
On a regular basis, we review our 3-5 year strategic plan and take steps to renew our vision for the future.  Assistance is needed in developing surveys for all our stakeholders and facilitating or participating in the strategic planning process.

Facility Needs
We continue to grow as a school.  As our enrollment grows, our schools space needs change. Though Horace Mann staff has been completely supportive, the location is not really much like a Montessori environment.  Assistance will be needed in understanding Montessori best practices for a prepared school environment and then identifying how we can make this happen within the space options.    

Expansion to 8th Grade
Many parents have expressed an interest in expanding our school to 8th grade.  This work would coincide with our facility work.  Assistance will be needed in developing the needs for this expansion and working with the district to support this once school space has been identified.

Montessori Learning Management System
A learning management system handles many operational items for teachers. At this time, much of this work has been created by our teachers.  Assistance will be needed in evaluating Montessori Learning Management Systems such as Montessori Compass or Records Xpress to determine what best meets our needs.