Summer School Information

Anyone interested in Montessori can attend WAMCS for summer school. This includes current students, siblings of current WAMCS students even if they don’t currently attend WAMCS, 6th graders whose time is done with WAMCS, families who may be interested in Montessori, K4 students who will attend WAMCS in the Fall, students who may only be able to attend a portion of the summer school program, etc.  Please contact WAMCS with any other questions you may have regarding your unique circumstances.

Montessori education is founded on the theories and philosophy of the 20th Century medical doctor, child psychologist and educational pioneer, Dr. Maria Montessori. Through a curriculum that blends Montessori philosophy, instructional methods and materials with Wisconsin academic goals, students in multi-age/grade classrooms exercise both freedom and responsibility in the pursuit of mastery learning.  A traditional Montessori education encompasses the full spectrum of modern education, but typically includes four main features: kinesthetic learning, student-centered learning emphasizing student independence, real-world experiences, and peace studies. WAMCS follows in that tradition. The WAMCS summer school program will allow students to continue work they have been working on during the regular school year.  In addition we hope to take full advantage of the summer weather and continue to provide students with many outdoor experiences that give students opportunities to fully appreciate service, the importance of the earth and their role in protecting it, sustainable living and the importance of having fun in learning.

Summer School Logistical Information:

Dates:  June 13th - July 21st
Days of Attendance:  Monday - Thursday 
Daily Time:  8:15 to 12:45
Drop off Time:  Begins at 8:05
Pick up Time:  Begins at 12:45, Ends at 12:55
Snacks:  Snacks must be provided by parents.
Busing:  No busing is provided.  We encourage carpooling if possible.

New This Year: 

Every student has the option to participate in breakfast and lunch at no cost.  We are excited to offer this opportunity for all.  Breakfast and lunch times are as follows. 

Breakfast:  8:00 – 8:20
Lunch:  12:15 – 12:45 

**To participate in breakfast you must be to school no later than 8:05am.

Afternoon WSD Summer School Programming:  Many students choose to participate in WSD's afternoon summer programs.  There are currently 2 buses that pick students up at Horace Mann after our school day at 12:45 and 12:50.  WAMCS staff will ensure that the students that are participating in the afternoon programs are on the bus if the parents so choose.   If you have students that will be needing bussing to afternoon WSD programming, please email Mr. Wridt as soon as possible. (

How do I enroll?

Informational packets are provided by the district each summer.  Select Wausau Area Montessori Charter School as your choice when you register.

All registration materials are located on the WSD Summer Learning web page at the following link:

Summer School Enrollment Policy

16-17 WAMCS Summer School Enrollment Policy.pdf